What is cozy?© Susan Chiang Photography

Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and architecture, Kaysha wanted her space to feel especially koselig; something | someone | an atmosphere that makes you feel a sense of warmth very deep inside in a way that all things should be: simple and comforting.© Susan Chiang Photography

A few years ago, if you would have asked Kaysha, she would tell you that cozy feels like everything is in it’s place. An organizational queen, her home was something of a hobbit hole complete with gadgets and uniquely engineered placeholders.© Susan Chiang Photography© Susan Chiang Photography

Her home was in order. Small, but meticulously organized she celebrated a simple life.

Transplanted to Los Angeles several years ago, she knew the need for a place of her own where she could flourish amidst the busy chaotic hum of the traffic and constant social city atmosphere.
© Susan Chiang Photography© Susan Chiang Photography
© Susan Chiang PhotographyOver time, this restful home became open to any friend who needed a bed. This space, although small, became a place where the heart could rest and  many traveling vagabonds once found peace in this cozy cottage.© Susan Chiang Photography

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Photography: Susan Chiang