What is cozy?© Susan Chiang Photography

Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and architecture, Kaysha wanted her space to feel especially koselig; something | someone | an atmosphere that makes you feel a sense of warmth very deep inside in a way that all things should be: simple and comforting.© Susan Chiang Photography

A few years ago, if you would have asked Kaysha, she would tell you that cozy feels like everything is in it’s place. An organizational queen, her home was something of a hobbit hole complete with gadgets and uniquely engineered placeholders.© Susan Chiang Photography© Susan Chiang Photography

Her home was in order. Small, but meticulously organized she celebrated a simple life.

Transplanted to Los Angeles several years ago, she knew the need for a place of her own where she could flourish amidst the busy chaotic hum of the traffic and constant social city atmosphere.
© Susan Chiang Photography© Susan Chiang Photography
© Susan Chiang PhotographyOver time, this restful home became open to any friend who needed a bed. This space, although small, became a place where the heart could rest and  many traveling vagabonds once found peace in this cozy cottage.© Susan Chiang Photography

More on Kaysha’s travel story here:

Photography: Susan Chiang


Whatever anything is– it ought to begin by being personal.

We are two artists at work. Kaysha Dawn + Sepi Dawn. We are designers, sisters from different misters, ladies who lunch, ride or die homies…silly gooses. We would love nothing more than to share with you a little bit on why we enjoy the general splendour.

Why do we do what we do?

© thegeneralsplendour

We will begin by sharing one half of a story. So this is Sepi’s story, and what makes her house– HOME.

Sepi, who grew up in Los Angeles, became a new homeowner in the last year and wanted her space to feel fresh and ‘comf’ [a favorite descriptive word]. © thegeneralsplendour

A minimalist if you ever knew one, she wanted to keep the design simple and polished. From living the bay lifestyle in San Francisco and taking ventures to the pacific northwest on holiday, she gained an appreciation for handmade crafts. Anything looking especially ‘drifty’ or ‘wild’ was quickly snatched up into a collection of artisanal items for her new home.  © thegeneralsplendour © thegeneralsplendour
Recent travels in the Middle East have brought unique pieces from all over the world that leave you curious to know the story behind each one.

And of course the look wouldn’t be complete without a little nod to her first and most cherished design inspiration, Three’s Company!© thegeneralsplendour
© thegeneralsplendour

For more information on custom design items featured in her home, please pay a visit to our shop!